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Development of CBT"s for Ministry Of Defense, Singapore, (1997-99)

Client: MINDEF, Singapore.
Company: Raffles Software & Singapore Technologies.

I was working as an Instructional Designer developing courseware’s for Raffles Software, a subsidiary of Thakkral Brothers in Singapore in collaboration with Singapore Technologies. The nature of work is to develop CBT’s for the Singapore Air force to train different schools more effective with the help of interactive learning methods.

This involved getting sufficient content material and to device appropriate strategies depending on the level of training requirements. To design the Screens, check the given Content (Audio script, Photographs, Graphics and Video script), design Navigation and Interactivity. Further the CBT is to be implemented by testing with the Target Trainees On-Site. This involved constant interaction with Subject Matter Experts/ Target Trainees through phased out periodical presentation with the relevant Squadron and Agencies for approval.

I shot all photographs and relevant videos required for all courseware’s besides my primary responsibility as an instructional designer.

I was onsite in Singapore for a year for understanding the development process, methodology, familiarization with SME’s. Later all the design development happened from India as an offshore development process.

AS550 Fennec Aircraft Auto Pilot system (APS)
Duration: 2.5 hours

This CBT is used to train the Engineers and Maintenance personnel of this particular AS550 Fennec aircraft. This course dealt with different kinds of electronic and mechanical systems impact and response of the Autopilot System while the aircraft is in flight so as to enable the ground technicians for a better practical understanding about the working of APS experienced by pilots during flight.

Island-Monitor 1
Duration: 2.5 hours

This CBT is used to train the Radar Controllers and Air Traffic controller in Singapore Air force. This lesson dealt with the different Flight Routes, Rules and Flight Levels to adhered by the Pilots flying over Singapore region.

Introduction to Loader Transporter
Duration: 1 Hour

This course objective is to provides the Crewmen and Crew Chief an Introduction to Loader Transporter. This course deals with the knowledge of Operational Procedures and Controls of the Loader Transporter.

Loading and Unloading of missiles to and from the Ground Pallet and Missile Launcher by Loader Transporter
Duration: 1 Hour

This CBT is about Operating the Loader Transporter, Loading and Unloading of I-Hawk missiles to and from the Missile pallet and Missile launcher using Loader Transporter

March order and Emplacement of Loader Transporter
Duration: 1 Hour

This CBT is used to teach the Crew Chief and Crewmen to successfully perform the March Order and Emplace the Loader Transporter by truck.

Softwares Used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Primere, 3D Studio Max, Tool book and the pre-authoring tool used is Designer's Edge.