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Miss Infinity Maths Mansion

Client: Rainbow Media Pvt. Ltd, U.S.A.
Company: Empower Software Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore.

This engagement was to design series of 6 CD ROM’s teaching mathematics for children from Kindergarten to Grade 5 for a client “Rainbow Media Pvt.Ltd” (U.S.)
The concept was about a Mansion which was presented by Grandfather Phineas infinityto Miss Infinity. This mansion was named Miss Infinity’s Math’s Mansion. This mansion has a foyer from which the user can select to enter any of the eight rooms comprising. These eight rooms are of Data Collection, Numeration, Geometry, Problem solving, Patterns, Computation and Measurement. By entering each of the rooms the children are taught concepts of mathematics through interactive exercises with an engaging narrative.
My role in the project was as Graphic designer in a team..
The content was based on the existing U.S. curriculum. The storyboarding and content verification was done in U.S.and India, the development was done in India.
This was project is implemented on across multiple platforms
The product has been successfully launched in the U.S. market in 1997 and had won few prestigious awards..

Softwares Used: Adobe Photoshop, Animator Pro, 3D Studio and authored in Macromedia Director