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Uraiyatha Ninaivugal

Unsettling Memories is a docu-drama about the lives of nine transgender people. The film portrays nine different situations encountered by the members of transgender community with the mainstream society and the issues confronting their gender, existence and identity.

The sequences portrayed by the actors in the film is based on their real life incidents that transpired during the course of their transitioning while acquiring this new identity as an transgender person. The real life experiences of the transgender individuals were synthesized together in the form of theatrical performance and performed by them to communicate and create an awareness regarding their living conditions to the mainstream society.

The film is based on the scripts of the individual experiences and enacted by them even though no one is an professional theatre artists but they felt by putting together a cohesive story would enable them to communicate the key concerns and issues that are constantly faced by the individuals of the transgender community everyday while engaging with the mainstream society.